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The Trout Club Public Resort - Newark, Ohio

When You're Here, You're Part of The Club

The Trout Club public resort combines historic tradition with modern taste. A public facility, the club offers 18 holes of golf and foot golf, fine dining, an outdoor pool, large outdoor entertaining spaces, a pavilion for concerts, and a cozy lounge we call The TC. Whether you’re in search for a round of golf, an afternoon by the pool, a cocktail by the fire, a great dinner, or a venue for your special event, we have you covered. packages are available to those who plan to visit regularly, but remember, when you’re here, you’re part of the club.

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Discover Nature at it's FinestPLAY GOLF LIKE A PRO

Known for its verdant fairways and scenic greens, the golf course offers world-class play with a price suitable for the whole family.

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