The Trout Club’s USFGA FootGolf

Yeah FootGolf! Anyone can do it! You just have to be able to kick a ball. It is fun for the whole family. It’s much less expensive, and there is no equipment required other than a soccer ball. It is great exercise. It can be used as a social or team building experience. You can hold fundraiser or charity outings as well. It’s quick. Players can play an 18-hole course in 2 hours. It is for both recreational players and competitive players. Come play FootGolf at The Trout Club!

FootGolf is the combination of golf and soccer played at your local golf course. It is played by kicking a soccer ball on a golf course with the objective of getting the ball into an oversized (21-inch in diameter) hole in the fewest amount of kicks. It’s 99% golf minus the equipment.

Download our informational flyer on FootGolf here.