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We host music in many environments throughout our property, including a spacious outdoor patio and pavilion, an outdoor front porch, an indoor second floor lounge, a main dining room, and other intimate indoor spaces. The Trout Club is proud to use its adaptable musical environments to feature your favorite performers. Our indoor spaces and outdoor pool host a variety of acoustic shows from singer-songwriters to gypsy-jazz quintets. For high-energy summer entertainment, we have an outdoor stage on the back patio, with an enclosed pavilion for colder months. Whether it’s a special event or a weekly Friday night performance, we invite you to wind down with us and enjoy the rhythms.

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Music Calendar

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November, 2022

Friday, November 04 Bob Rizzo Acoustic Downstairs Bar Area

December, 2022

Friday, December 02 Bob Rizzo Acoustic Downstairs Bar Area

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